A Reflection on the Last Three Candidates I Interviewed

The last few people I interviewed left impressions on me, and none of them were positive. The team has been struggling to fill a senior analyst role, and the candidates so far have been less than stellar. Is it that difficult to find a solid


A Right Way and A Wrong Way to Intern

The beginning of the summer season is indicative of beautiful weather, endless outdoor activities, and the start of the company’s internship program. For two months, college students enter the corporate workforce for the first time not only to gain valuable experience to pad their resumes


Your Manager May Be Wrong

When your manager gives specific instructions on how to complete a certain task, what do you do?  You do as told. However, have you ever stopped to consider that your manager may be wrong? I get a feeling that most people are conditioned to do


Same Job Title, Different Expectations

I recently interviewed a candidate to fill a Senior IT Analyst position on the team. When asked why he was pursuing a new job elsewhere, he mentioned that he wanted to relocate closer to the city to start a family there. Fair enough. When I


Observe How Other People Run Meetings. You Could Learn A Thing Or Two.

How many times have you attended a meeting only to leave feeling that nothing got accomplished? Believe it or not, managing a meeting is more art than a science, and not everyone has meeting management skills. Consider attending meetings not only as a part of


From Worker Bee to High Potential Employee

Each employee is different in regards to intellect, motivation, work ethic, and career aspiration. It comes to no surprise that some employees outperform others. There are the worker bees, who come in every day to do the same job to earn a paycheck. Then there


References Available Upon Request

A couple of my former coworkers are in the middle of job interviews and the job offer process. Both listed me as references. As expected, recruiters and human resources representatives have been contacting me to provide character references. I’ve been thinking about the referral process


When An Email Makes An Impact

While emails are still considered a critical part of business, I feel well-written ones are a dying breed due in part to the way we predominantly communicate with each other these days, through text messaging. It’s not unusual to see shorthand and emoticons in emails


Learn The Web Browser Zoom Keyboard Shortcuts

Most of the meeting rooms at work are outfitted with large flat panel displays. They are adequate for displaying slideshow presentations, but not webpages. Since I use business software that runs in the “cloud”, the information I show to colleagues and business clients are displayed though


A Simple Question Can Keep Your Workload In Check

It’s not unusual for me to start the day with all cylinders firing as soon as I get to my desk. Just when I thought I had my priorities planned out for the day, all of a sudden, I’m getting bombarded with back to back