Visualize the Work That Lies Ahead


It’s Monday morning and you’re wondering where the heck the weekend went.  Face it, two days of rest just isn’t enough.  It was all just a blur and the Friday 5 o’clock whistle seems so out of reach.  The best way to tackle the so called “Case of the Mondays” is to set expectations right in the beginning of the week.

Once you arrive to your desk at work on Monday morning, don’t go turning on the workstation or answering voice mails just yet, instead, take a seat, close your eyes, take in a nice deep breath, and exhale.  Clear your mind, keep on breathing, keep your eyes closed, and visualize the work you have to do for the week.

Open your eyes and write down the tasks that have to be completed during the week on a notepad.  The goal is to set the tone and expectations for the week that lies ahead, and the best way to do so is when your mind is calm, collected, and relaxed.

Don’t go writing anything too descriptive, just enough information to develop a road map to get you started.

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