That’s Not Appropriate At All!


I once had a conversation with a computer administrator who told me the story of someone in a company he used to work at was caught surfing pornography on the Internet.  After the episode, he was ordered by his manager to install pornographic site access detection software on the network to see if there were other individuals accessing porn.  To his disbelief (and amazement), shortly after he turned on the detector, alerts started to light up.   He told me that almost half of the employees in the office were surfing pornography.  Some even started watching pornography right after they logged into their computers in the morning.  I guess coffee isn’t the only stimulant that’s required to keep things moving during the day.  Needless to say, they were all fired.


In this digital era where many companies have the tools to monitor their employees’ Internet browsing habits, I am surprised people still take the chance to jeopardize their jobs by visiting inappropriate websites.

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