Too Late To Say Thank You

My career didn’t really get moving until someone I knew took a chance on me.  This person was an executive for a global financial services firm.  He had a job opening in one of his departments and he wanted me to fill it.  I was fresh out of college and already had a full time job, but this opportunity seemed much more promising and it paid 25% more!

The interviews were more of formality since I already knew I had the job.  I was hired soon after the interviews.  I worked hard those four years and grew as much as I could.  He kept tabs on me and gave me his full support everytime I was up for promotion.  Hard work and a dose of support from senior management is always good, so make sure you have visibility to senior management with the work you do!  Eventually I left for another company to see if I could make it on my own.  He had left the company for another one sometime after I did.  We stayed in touch via LinkedIn through the years, but didn’t communicate too much beyond that.

His work anniversary notification popped up this month on my LinkedIn main page.  People were writing congratulations and giving thumbs ups.  As I read the comments, I found out that he had passed away the previous year.  I was overwhelmed with  sadness and gratitude.  I really never expressed how thankful I was to him for helping getting my career started, and now I’ll never have a chance.  I wish I kept in touch with him a bit more once we went our separate ways.

Rest in peace my friend.

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