Buckle Up, 2014 Is Coming


Where did the time go?  Another year has almost passed.  We’re up for our annual reviews and the holidays are around the corner.  And oh yes, the company holiday parties are something to look forward to.

You’re either ramping down for the year or burning the midnight year to make deadline, in any case, it’s time to close out 2013 and set your sights on 2014.

  • List out all of your accomplishments for the 2013 year.  Did you go above or beyond in anyway?  You want a nice fat bonus right?  Doing so will help make your case (or not) come review time.
  • Layout your action plan for the next year and review it with your manager to see if his or her goals align with yours.  List out what you plan to do in the next four quarters.  If there are any projects or ideas you would like to propose, now is the time.
  • Collaborate with your teammates to see what projects they have lined up.  Maybe you can participate in some way.
  • Planning now will give you some breathing room towards the end of the year.  You’ll also won’t have to worry about thinking on where to start after you’re back in the office after the New Year with a hangover.
  • If you have vacation days left, use it or lose it.  Some companies don’t allow vacation days to roll over to the next year.  If you’re telling yourself that you don’t need to take time off, WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU!

2014 is coming, are you ready?


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