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MyProgressBar Helps You Do Even Less Work

Is it one of those days or weeks that you just don’t feel like working? Or is that just every day? Well, MyProgressBar is here to help you on your quest to do the least amount of work possible and still get paid. Sounds delicious


Changing Jobs Soon? Don’t Be A Data Thief!

If you’re getting ready to change employers, the thought of backing up copies work files and emails and taking them with you out the door has already come to mind.  You’ll never know when you’ll need to use the data, but heck, it may come in handy at


Only You Can Prevent Premature Emails

You’re writing an important email and want to make sure it’s absolutely perfect before sending it. You save often because you’re paranoid you’ll lose it in case the computer crashes. Then an unexplainable brain fart moment occurs and for some reason, you’ve accidentally sent out


Thanksgiving Break Is Over, Get Back To Work

Found this gem on Reddit


You Have No Power Here Analyst!

Early in my career as a fledgling analyst, I mentioned to a coworker that I had to call a department’s Director to clear up some information.  I guess I struck a wrong chord with my coworker, because he freaked out. He said something like, “Are


Job Hunting, Nobody Has To Know

What are some of the reasons that cause us to look for a job elsewhere? There’s no more room for growth. You keep having, “I don’t get paid enough to do this shit” moments. The person that sits near you smells like cheese. Management sucks.

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Departing Coworkers, Sad to See Them Go, Happy to See Them Go

#176637453 / We’ve all probably been in a situation where a co-worker leaves for a job at another company.  Sometimes it’s hard to see them go, especially after working with them for so long.  However, this is a good thing for you.  It actually

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Flagging, A Simple Way To Manage The Emails That Matter

#166085867 / Microsoft Outlook is the email system of choice at most companies I have worked at.  I receive and send a lot of emails every day, often with a lot of followup items when I work with business clients.   At times, there are