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Email Rage! Me Smash!

Someone pisses you off in an email and you want to retaliate with a scathing and nasty one of your own.  In that moment it seems to be the right thing to do!  It’s not.  You’re not dumb enough to leave a paper trail are


Changing Employers? Things To Know Before You Go.

It’s that time in my life again where I am about to start a new job at another employer.  I have less than two weeks left at my current job and it’s not going to be easy saying goodbye to all the great people I’ve

business baby 5

The Business Baby Meme Is Born!

It all started with a picture posted by Redditor COLDBLUERIBBON with the tag line,”Look, tell Clyde he’s a dumbass… and then fire him.”  Then, not much time later, the Business Baby Meme was born!  Gotta love the Internet, and gotta love Reddit.  Type in Business


The Benefits Of Showing Up At Meetings Over Dialing In

Most of the time when I receive a  meeting invite, it provides the location along with a dial in number for folks who are offsite.  However, its usually the people who are not offsite who use the dial-in number, even if they sit close to


Communicating Across Continents

Have you watched the movie Rush Hour starring Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker?  It’s a buddy cop flick of East meets West.  Even though both of their characters spoke English, it was clear there was a language barrier between the two.  When I was in


Get Certified In Your Specialty or Industry

If you’re an analyst, a great way to improve your skills is to become certified in your specialization or industry that you work in.  There are many professional bodies that provide certification licenses, granted that you meet the criteria, study hard, and pass the examinations.


Have You Tried Turning It Off And On Again?

As someone who is looked upon to help others fix computer problems from time to time, I know how frustrating it can be when helping others troubleshoot.  I give much credit to those IT help desk professionals who deal with fixing other people’s computer problems


Social Jealousy

It’s common for coworkers to become “friends” on the more casual and personal social networking sites.  However, be wary of who you decide to be connected with and don’t be afraid to decline invitations to connect. Just explain to the requester that you don’t share