The Benefits Of Showing Up At Meetings Over Dialing In


Most of the time when I receive a  meeting invite, it provides the location along with a dial in number for folks who are offsite.  However, its usually the people who are not offsite who use the dial-in number, even if they sit close to the conference room.  I always attend the meeting in-person when I am onsite.  There are advantages of showing up to a meeting in person over just dialing into it from your desk.

  • You get to bank a bit of face time with your coworkers to let them know you’re not that creepy person who lurks in the cube all day.  Face to face engagements are important, especially if you want to increase your visibility within the company.
  • You won’t have the ability to mute the line and surf the internet or do other work while the meeting is in progress.  This means less distractions, and more listening and interacting with others.  You become less of a fly on the wall and become a fly at the table.
  • You get to be part of or listen to side conversations if they occur.  Which means you get to take in a lot more information.
  • It takes you away from your desk from time to time if you’re a desk jockey.  Get up and stretch out a bit. Pulling your eyeballs off the computer screen will do you some good.

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