Email Rage! Me Smash!


Someone pisses you off in an email and you want to retaliate with a scathing and nasty one of your own.  In that moment it seems to be the right thing to do!  It’s not.  You’re not dumb enough to leave a paper trail are you?  Yell at them over the phone instead.  Just kidding!  You do not want to do something that you will regret.  If you’re still riled up, then it is not the best time to answer an email that offends you or pisses you off.  The last thing to do is let the rage do the typing.

Instead, here are a few tips.  First, write the email but do not send it for whatever reason, which means to make sure the To: section is not populated.  Another option before replying would be to take some time away from the email and think about your response when you’re calm. Do not retaliate with the same type of malice as the original email. You are better off replying in a more sincere manner.  Sometimes the tone of the email can be misconstrued so maybe a civilized phone call would be a better option.

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