Get Certified In Your Specialty or Industry


If you’re an analyst, a great way to improve your skills is to become certified in your specialization or industry that you work in.  There are many professional bodies that provide certification licenses, granted that you meet the criteria, study hard, and pass the examinations.

Getting certified may not payoff immediately.  Seldom have I heard people get promoted or receive a big raise after they received their certifications.  That’s fine though,  if getting certified doesn’t benefit you in your current role, it may help you secure a better one at another company with better compensation. The benefit is that it makes you more marketable in the job market.  Many employers list certification requirements in job postings and sometimes glance over resumes that don’t meet that requirement.

The best time to get certified is when you’re employed because your employer might pay for your certification and even preparation courses.  It can save you a substantial amount of money.  What’s more, certain certifications hold some weight when it comes to salary determination and it can benefit you financially in the long run.

Here is a list of professional designations in the United States.  Thanks Wikipedia!

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