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Flagging, A Simple Way To Manage The Emails That Matter

#166085867 / Microsoft Outlook is the email system of choice at most companies I have worked at.  I receive and send a lot of emails every day, often with a lot of followup items when I work with business clients.   At times, there are


A Special Job Opening

I get a lot of calls from recruiters and I send them to voice mail, which then, if you have Google voice, the voice mail is transcribed into text.  Sometimes, the transcript can be rather funny because the system has trouble translating voice to text.

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Decoding the Dress Code

Personal grooming and dress reflects who you are, and people notice what you wear.  Dress like a slob and people will perceive you as a snob, dress well, and people will think you’re well put together, even if you’re really not.  Someone once told me


High Five For Teamwork!

Even though I went to business school and went on to working in Corporate America immediately after graduation, it doesn’t mean you need a business degree to do so.  I know many people who ended up in Corporate America with computer science, engineering, economics, math,