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Corporate Lingo

I love this comic from The Gentleman’s Armchair, among others.  If I’m in my cube giggling randomly like a little school girl, it’s probably because I’m reading one of the comics.


Wasting Time At Work, Pretty Sure We’re All Guilty Of It

I always look forward to the’s annual Wasting Time at Work surveys.  I’m not sure when the 2015 survey results will be released, but below is a subset of statistics from the 2014 survey. I wonder how honest the survey respondents are.  I guess


Are You A Cubicle Natural Gas Producer?

It’s just another day in the office as you pound furiously away on the keyboard to show others how busy you are.  Suddenly, your jerk of a body launches a gas bubble.  At this point, you can’t decide whether it’s going be one of minor consequence



He answered the questions just fine, he wasn’t nervous, and we were laughing.  As far as the interview was concerned, I would say that it went rather well.  I still wasn’t sure if he would have been a good fit for the position.  In any


The Notebook Is Alive And Well

I just realized the title could be referring to the chick flick that people turn to whenever they need to dose up on a case of romantic heartwarming feels.   Well, in any case, that movie is alive and well too I guess. Talking about