The Notebook Is Alive And Well


I just realized the title could be referring to the chick flick that people turn to whenever they need to dose up on a case of romantic heartwarming feels.   Well, in any case, that movie is alive and well too I guess.

Talking about using a notebook may very well place me into the yesteryear…and the “well, isn’t it obvious notebooks are for taking notes?” categories.  With ultra-portable laptops and tablets that are as mainstream as smartphones, who the heck takes notes on paper anymore?  I’m willing to bet lots of people still do.  At meetings, there’s usually someone click-clacking the keys on the laptop, or another person is taking notes with a tablet and spends more time auto-correcting words than taking notes.  For me, pen and paper is still the way to go.  Maybe I’m just old school, stuck to my ways, not able to adapt.  Fine by me.

I’ve amassed many notebooks through the years, and while I do prefer writing over digital note taking, it’s still a flawed system.  Searching for information in your notebook can be extremely frustrating and having good handwriting is key, unless I want to decipher what I wrote in the past.  If I have to look for something from days or weeks ago, I’m flipping pages back and forth until I find it.

I can’t believe I didn’t think about doing this until recently.

I use two kinds of notebooks. The journal-type blank notebooks for personal use and the no frills jaundiced 5 x 8 notepads when in the office.  I prefer the journal style notebooks, but due to cost I no longer use them in the office since I burn through pages very quickly.

On a traditional-style notebook, I number the pages as I write in it, and use the back of the cover or first couple of pages to write the table of contents.


As for the notepads in the office, I also note down the page number, but the table of contents is written on the cardboard backing.  Whenever I need to look for something, I’ll just flip the pages over.



There you go, a simple notebook hack to make your life easier.

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