Do You Consider Yourself An Engaged Worker?


Every time someone asks you how your job is, do you usually respond by saying, “meh, it’s a job”  Something tells me you don’t fit Gallup’s description of an engaged worker.

Gallup defines an engaged worker as:

…those who are involved in, enthusiastic about and committed to their work and workplace.

In Gallup’s most recent U.S. Employee Engagement Poll, only 31.5% of workers fall in the engaged category.  While that percentage may seem low, it’s the highest as it’s ever been since the poll’s inception.  The 80,837 workers polled represents 2.5 million employees in the nation.

I actually want to know if Gallup has a description for ‘Not engaged’ and ‘Actively disengaged.’  I can see the Not engaged folks best described as the “I’m just here for a paycheck” types, and the Actively disengaged as the “I don’t care if I get fired” types.

Those holding manager, executive, or officer positions are the most engaged.  I wonder if that’s because those are positions of power where people get to make decisions and get to give orders to others.



The original article has more details.




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