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I Inadvertently Replaced My Coworker With Software

A couple of years ago, I managed a project to replace an aging and much-loathed application at work. There were two application administrators, my coworker and myself. I wasn’t too familiar with the system and was learning how to use it on the job. My


From The Perspective Of The Job Interviewer

I’ve been interviewing candidates to fill a middle management position on the team for the past six weeks and it’s been enlightening and educational. At times, I interviewed candidates one on one, and other times with a colleague. I learned a lot about the interviewing


The Best Seat At The Meeting Table

Picture this, you arrive at the meeting early and face a long rectangular conference table that seats 12. There are many seating positions to consider. As the meeting chairperson,  do you ever consider which seat is best for you? Do you sit in the traditional


Thoughts On Wearing Many Hats

Growing up and working in a family restaurant taught me a few things. First, child labor laws don’t apply. When my parents knew I was strong enough to carry plastic bins full of dirty dishes, they put me to work. Second, weekends were spent at


Make Conference Calls Easier To Dial Into From Mobile Phones

Occasionally, I have to take a conference call with my mobile phone. I’ll go into the invitation to retrieve the dial-in number and access (pin) code. However, it’s quite cumbersome to dial the number, and then flip back to the invitation to memorize the access


What VP And Director Level Interview Candidates Have In Common

The company is in search of a seasoned professional to fill a vacant position. The human resources department received a higher number of applications than normal, which is great, we can be a bit more selective. The corporate recruiter has his hands full screening the


Asking To Connect Via LinkedIn During The Interview

Last week, I interviewed a candidate for a VP position. The conversations about the position went well. That was until he caught me off guard by asking to connect through LinkedIn. It was the wrong place and time to ask. Not wanting to seem like a jerk,


Job Hopping May Be Hurting Your Career

I recently interviewed a candidate to fill a management position. The HR department emailed his resume to me several days earlier, so I had a fair amount of time to review it in advance.I immediately noticed the number of  employers listed on the resume. He

Reviewing Resumes

Searching for a New Manager

My manager is leaving the company. It was a surprise. He wasn’t actively looking for a new job, but a recruiter contacted him several months ago for an opportunity he couldn’t refuse. He’s leaving behind a pretty big gap to fill. As much as I


What Does It Mean To Go Above And Beyond?

I struggled with the concept of going above and beyond for years. Early in my career, I remember my coworker and I did whatever it took to make our business clients happy. We worked late to meet deadlines and went out of our way to