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young businessman working with laptop on the beach

Avoid Working While On Vacation

No, I’m not talking about packing, deciding on which excursions to go on, or planning where to eat.  I’m talking about preparing for vacation so that work does not tag along.  For some people, it’s almost impossible to avoid working while on vacation, it’s more


Keep The Ink Flowing

My fascination with pens started years ago, when I found a Pilot G-2 pen lying around the office pantry.  If no one claims it, is it considered stealing?  It’s smoothness and retractable feature made it my go-to pen for many years.  It’s still the pen I


Improve Your Whiteboard Writing Skills

Have you ever been in a meeting where the presenter is trying convey a concept to the audience through drawing diagrams and words on a whiteboard, but you have no idea what it means because it looks like a 3-year old drew them?  You’re not


Not Looking For A New Job? Interview Anyway

  I regularly receive calls and emails for job opportunities.  Usually it’s some recruiter who’s fishing for anyone who bites.  Most of the time I ignore them.  At the current level of work and industry experience, I have been contacted to apply for senior manager/director titled