Avoid Working While On Vacation

No, I’m not talking about packing, deciding on which excursions to go on, or planning where to eat.  I’m talking about preparing for vacation so that work does not tag along.  For some people, it’s almost impossible to avoid working while on vacation, it’s more like working remotely with occasional breaks in between.

It would be nice to leave things in the office as is, but since there are outstanding tasks to complete and clients to see after vacation ends, there are a few things I can do to keep work from rearing it’s ugly head while I’m on the beach getting drunk on mojitos.

  1. Set up Out-Of-Office notifications and list an alternate contact.  Since I won’t be actively checking work email, note that I will have limited Internet access.  My manager already has my mobile number in case of work emergencies.
  2. Let the clients I work with regularly know in advance via email, phone, or in person that I will be away.   In case there are some loose ends to take care of before I leave.
  3. Decide if tasks scheduled for next week can wait until I return or if  a coworker could cover for me.  If possible, complete those tasks ahead of time.
  4. Write down a to-do list for the week of my return, so I won’t have to think about return-to-work tasks when vacation comes to an end.
  5. Relax and enjoy downtime.

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