Don’t Lose Your Job Over Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go has done something that no app has done in recent memory to radically disrupt our lives. Couch potatoes suddenly realized they’ve walked miles away from home trying to catch Pokemon and hatch eggs. People are getting hurt by tripping over and running into inanimate objects. Thieves are also on the lookout for Pokemon hunters in hopes to capture a few wallets of their own.  It’s also helping to improve mental health.  You have to give it to Nintendo for combining mobile technology to capitalize on our childhood nostalgia.

The game is addicting. It’s not even a great game, but it floods our brains with sweet, sweet, dopamine whenever we catch a Pokemon, especially a rare one. Many of the Pokemon Go players grew up with the cartoon and trading card game and are now working adults. This means many people are playing Pokemon during work hours. However, they may be placing their jobs at risk.

This screen capture was taken today at around 8:30AM, close to the financial district in a large city. Notice the amount of lures plugged into the Pokemon stops.pokemongo1

Here is the similar area a little after 5PM.  The lures were still going strong!pokemongo2

It looks like a cherry blossom festival.  It’s a target rich environment and who do you think activated those lures? Most likely by people whose offices are located extremely close to Pokemon stops.  It’s quite simple, pop in a lure, wait for Pokemon to show up, and catch them from the comfort of their desks. The best time and place to catch Pokemon seems to be during prime business hours in major cities with lots of landmarks and office buildings.

There is a Pokestop close to work, but not close enough for me to benefit from an active lure.  It’s rather difficult to capture Pokemon from my location.  There have been times when I was tempted to go outside across the street to capture a rare Pokemon that popped up. You think a Pikachu is just going to nonchalantly walk up to me asking to be captured?  The Jigglypuff did, but not Pikachu.

The thing is, when a Pokemon shows up and you try to capture it, you focus on executing a perfect pokeball throw to make sure the Pokemon is captured on the first attempt. All other peripheral senses briefly shut off and that’s when you’re most vulnerable. You may be oblivious to someone walking up behind or watching you. I know that you want to be the very best at capturing Pokemon because no one ever was. But is it worth capturing Pokemon at work knowing that you could lose your job over it? On the bright side, you’ll have plenty of time to play after you’re fired.

Reddit user [Deleted] posted this in the TIFU (Today I F’ed Up) Subreddit last week:

i m a 23 year old employee in a Banking/IT company. As you can guess, i was born in nineties and my entire childhood was just one word – POKEMON. i read about the launch of Pokemon Go on iOS and my thumb automatically went to AppStore -> Pokemon Go -> Get It! i could feel the 10 year younger version of me, dancing with excitement. Playing it just for 5 mins, i left for my office. Now this is where i screwed up. Employees of my company are allowed to use smartphones inside the premises BUT using camera is strictly prohibited as we have access to clients personal data. you can guess what happened next. i just thought of exploring the game option and settings and as soon as i opened it i encountered a wild ZUBAT! i instantly went into Ash mode and started throwing Pokeballs all over the screen holding the phone high in front of my face as if i was taking a selfie! (Zubat was flying, hence). then came voice from behind “excuse me sir, are you clicking photographs?!” and next thing i knew was my iPhone getting confiscated. I tried to post this yesterday but it got removed because security dept was yet to reply back to me. So today i got a call on my alternate number saying that my phone needs to be sent to abroad country to the headquarters of my parent banking company to check for any possible data regarding clients personal info. If any data is found for e.g photos of monitor or codes, i may loose my job and also be blacklisted. i actually had some photos of programs that i wrote just for reference and i m shit scared if they get their hands on it. i just started with my career and dont want to be blacklisted! that is worst thing that can happen to any individual to works in a IT sector. and not to forget, i kinda lost my hard earned iPhone too. TL;DR – got my phone sent to headquarter office by playing Pokemon Go in my office where using camera is prohibited. May loose my job and get blacklisted for life.

In another related Pokemon Go incident, a man in Singapore was fired for talking trash about the country on Facebook because the game was not available there.  

The game has only been out for a week and has already ruined lives.

Safe and happy hunting!



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