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The Thing About Job Titles

Do job titles matter? It depends on whom you ask. Most people fall into two categories: Those who value a title more than anything else, and those who don’t care what they’re called. As a former coworker once said to me, “They can call me


Whoops…You Weren’t Supposed To See That

I recently attended a seminar that had about 65 guests in attendance. I arrived early to pick a seat in the middle of the room. The presenter was still setting up his laptop to display the screen on two flat panel monitors that faced each


The State of Flow

Everyone has a different work style. I usually take a tea break or get up to stretch after working for 30 minutes. However, there are times when I am so focused that I end up working for prolonged periods of time without knowing it.  It


Are You Management Material?

I studied management science in college. My expectation after graduating was to obtain a management position after a few years in a globally recognized firm. No one told me how to manage my career path, but many of the classes I took in business school


What Is Job Security?

A coworker and I are in the break room for tea and he asks how I’m doing. As I’m dipping the tea bag up and down in the mug of hot water, I give him the usual canned message, “Pretty busy, got a few things


The Position Will Not Be Backfilled

Some colleagues recently left the firm and management made the decision not to backfill their positions. It tends to make me think that them leaving was not a loss for the company but rather an opportunity for cost savings with fewer people on the payroll.