What Is Job Security?

A coworker and I are in the break room for tea and he asks how I’m doing. As I’m dipping the tea bag up and down in the mug of hot water, I give him the usual canned message, “Pretty busy, got a few things going on. You know, same shit, different day” The coworker says, “That’s great, busy is good, you have job security, see you later.”

I take a few seconds to contemplate his words. How does being busy equate to having job security? I don’t have job security. I can be laid off at any time and there are factors that are out of my control. I think the term job security is just jargon that is casually used around the office and each person has their own interpretation of it. To me, being busy does not mean having job security.  Even the top performers in a company can lose their jobs due to reorganizations, acquisitions, or be replaced by technology.  Despite what Mr. Burns says, there are no guarantees that you’ll be employed forever. Job security doesn’t exist on the job.

To me, having job security means being employable. It’s about building the hard, soft, and office know-how skills on the job so that if you are laid off, you don’t have to worry about finding another job because your skills are in such demand. It’s as simple as that. When the opportunity arises for you take on leadership roles, skills training, continuous education, or certifications, jump on it.  Look at it as an investment for the future.

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