Whoops…You Weren’t Supposed To See That

I recently attended a seminar that had about 65 guests in attendance. I arrived early to pick a seat in the middle of the room. The presenter was still setting up his laptop to display the screen on two flat panel monitors that faced each other from opposite sides of the room.

When his computer screen appeared on the monitors, I noticed something meant for his eyes only. A folder was open with files set to the ‘extra large icon’ view, which means, image files are displayed as thumbnail previews.  Well, an inappropriate image showing lots of female skin and cleavage was in the same folder as the presentation file. I was sure others in the room noticed as well. It was not his finest hour.

Well, here are a few takeaways:

  • Common sense tells us he should not have been using his work computer to view inappropriate material, let alone save an offensive picture onto it, but not many people have common sense. Do you? If you don’t know, many companies have access to their employees’ browsing history and search queries.  By the way, the private browsing mode doesn’t really hide anything, Big Brother, aka website monitoring programs, see all and log all.
  • What you see on the screen is what others will see when you share or project it, so assume that someone is always watching.
  • Open the presentation or file before plugging in the video output cable.  This way, the audience only sees the file you intend to show and nothing else.

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