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Job Hopping May Be Hurting Your Career

I recently interviewed a candidate to fill a management position. The HR department emailed his resume to me several days earlier, so I had a fair amount of time to review it in advance.I immediately noticed the number of  employers listed on the resume. He

Reviewing Resumes

Searching for a New Manager

My manager is leaving the company. It was a surprise. He wasn’t actively looking for a new job, but a recruiter contacted him several months ago for an opportunity he couldn’t refuse. He’s leaving behind a pretty big gap to fill. As much as I


What Does It Mean To Go Above And Beyond?

I struggled with the concept of going above and beyond for years. Early in my career, I remember my coworker and I did whatever it took to make our business clients happy. We worked late to meet deadlines and went out of our way to


The Hold Button, A Lesson In Conference Call Etiquette

A few weeks ago, the moderator made two requests to conference call participants, to mute the line when not speaking and not place the line on hold if they needed to answer an incoming call. Of course, some fool presses the hold button and hold