Asking To Connect Via LinkedIn During The Interview

Last week, I interviewed a candidate for a VP position. The conversations about the position went well. That was until he caught me off guard by asking to connect through LinkedIn. It was the wrong place and time to ask. Not wanting to seem like a jerk, I said it was fine. I wondered, “Why would he ask me during the interview? Is he trying to show interest? Is that how he is going to send a thank you note?”  A day later, his request to connect arrived in my inbox with a generic “let’s connect” type of message. Even though I don’t think much of thank you letters, one of those would’ve been more appropriate.

Asking to connect via LinkedIn during the interview is not important. He should’ve instead:

  1. Waited until the interview ended and after giving goodbye handshakes, or
  2. after he receives a job offer, or
  3. didn’t get the job, but still wanted to connect later on.

I will probably accept his request after interviewing all the candidates, and a hiring decision is made.

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