The Best Seat At The Meeting Table

Picture this, you arrive at the meeting early and face a long rectangular conference table that seats 12. There are many seating positions to consider. As the meeting chairperson,  do you ever consider which seat is best for you?

Do you sit in the traditional power positions (at either end of the table), near the corner, or middle? If the table is square or round, it doesn’t matter where you sit since the people will probably be equally positioned apart.

However, if the table is elongated, consider sitting as close to the center if possible. While the power position may be important, it isn’t much of a factor for most meetings unless it’s a board meeting and the CEO is in attendance. Also, if you’re running the meeting, others will know. Sitting at the end of the table will cause you to project your voice to the people sitting at the other end of the table. It’s not an ideal position for soft speakers. Sitting at or near the center of the table will make it easier for you to speak and for others to hear you.



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