Learn The Web Browser Zoom Keyboard Shortcuts

Most of the meeting rooms at work are outfitted with large flat panel displays. They are adequate for displaying slideshow presentations, but not webpages. Since I use business software that runs in the “cloud”, the information I show to colleagues and business clients are displayed though a web browser. However, there is one problem, the text is too small to read.

Instead of trying to figure out where the web page zoom option is, press the Ctrl and + keys together to zoom in. Additional presses will further increase the zoom percentage. Subsequently, pressing the Ctrl and keys together will cause the page to zoom out. To get the page back to its original size, simply press Ctrl and 0 together. These shortcuts work in Internet Explorer, Edge, Firefox, and Chrome.


Zoom In: Ctrl +
Zoom Out: Ctrl –
Default Zoom: Ctrl 0


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