When An Email Makes An Impact

While emails are still considered a critical part of business, I feel well-written ones are a dying breed due in part to the way we predominantly communicate with each other these days, through text messaging. It’s not unusual to see shorthand and emoticons in emails these days. However, I occasionally receive a diamond in the rough, and think, “Damn this is a well-written email. Is Shakespeare the mastermind behind this piece of electronic communication?” It may sound cheesy, but writing impactful emails is one skill that I continue to develop.

Now think back and see if you can recollect any emails that impressed you. What was it about those emails that made them so impactful? Was it the eloquence, delivery, clarity, or structure? Maybe a combination of those or all of the above? Are there things in those emails that you can adopt into your personal writing style? If so, save them into a separate folder and pull them up for reference in case you need to write something that requires a bit more formality or to people who are more senior than you. Over time, your email writing skills should improve.

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