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cubemonkeyFrom the Mind of Professional Cube Monkey

When I graduated from the university, I couldn’t wait to work-full time in a corporate setting.  Little did I know what a change of pace and challenge it would be.  I figured hard work would yield frequent promotions and big paychecks, I was wrong.

Instead, I found myself learning to navigate the corporate terrain, doing my best to master the things I never learned in school, like how to run meetings and how to balance office politics with everyday tasks.

Despite the 9 to 5 grind that most of us worked so hard to get into, and are working so hard to get out of, you can make the best of it!  Come on, it really isn’t that bad.  With the lessons and observations I’ve learned from working the corporate lifestyle, I’ll give you the Millennial’s perspective.  Hopefully, I can turn you into an office warrior.

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