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About That Office Monkey

When my friend introduced me to a office monkey gif, I quickly searched for more. What I discovered was a treasure trove of office monkey gifs that perfectly represented how I sometimes feel at work. Since that day, I’ve been sharing office monkey gifs with others. Today,


What If Clickbait Was Used For Work Email Subject Lines?

Work email subject lines are boring and sometimes are ignored because they don’t sound interesting enough. But what if you could at least make them sound more exciting? Since websites use clickbait tactics to entice people to click on a link, I thought, what if


A Conference Call and Email in Real Life

My cousin told me about these videos today by Tripp and Tyler. They are rather spot on, what do you think? And a bonus video so that you can waste more time.


All Workplaces Need Ribbons Like These

A very great post by Rossgraphitas on Reddit.


Corporate Lingo

I love this comic from The Gentleman’s Armchair, among others.  If I’m in my cube giggling randomly like a little school girl, it’s probably because I’m reading one of the comics.


Are You A Cubicle Natural Gas Producer?

It’s just another day in the office as you pound furiously away on the keyboard to show others how busy you are.  Suddenly, your jerk of a body launches a gas bubble.  At this point, you can’t decide whether it’s going be one of minor consequence


A Special Job Opening

I get a lot of calls from recruiters and I send them to voice mail, which then, if you have Google voice, the voice mail is transcribed into text.  Sometimes, the transcript can be rather funny because the system has trouble translating voice to text.

business baby 5

The Business Baby Meme Is Born!

It all started with a picture posted by Redditor COLDBLUERIBBON with the tag line,”Look, tell Clyde he’s a dumbass… and then fire him.”  Then, not much time later, the Business Baby Meme was born!  Gotta love the Internet, and gotta love Reddit.  Type in Business


Meeting Responses