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Don’t Lose Your Job Over Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go has done something that no app has done in recent memory to radically disrupt our lives. Couch potatoes suddenly realized they’ve walked miles away from home trying to catch Pokemon and hatch eggs. People are getting hurt by tripping over and running into


Wasting Time At Work, Pretty Sure We’re All Guilty Of It

I always look forward to the’s annual Wasting Time at Work surveys.  I’m not sure when the 2015 survey results will be released, but below is a subset of statistics from the 2014 survey. I wonder how honest the survey respondents are.  I guess

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Flagging, A Simple Way To Manage The Emails That Matter

#166085867 / Microsoft Outlook is the email system of choice at most companies I have worked at.  I receive and send a lot of emails every day, often with a lot of followup items when I work with business clients.   At times, there are