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Decoding the Dress Code

Personal grooming and dress reflects who you are, and people notice what you wear.  Dress like a slob and people will perceive you as a snob, dress well, and people will think you’re well put together, even if you’re really not.  Someone once told me


Holiday Party Time!

It’s that time of the season again. Company holiday parties are a lot of fun.  There’s free food and booze, what can be better?  Fun aside, remember that it is a chance to meet new people in the company, talk to those you haven’t been


Don’t Bring Your Sickness To Work!

Last week, I felt a cold coming on early in the morning before I went to work.  All the signs told me to stay home, but no, I went in anyways.  As the first couple of hours progressed, the sniffling and sneezing increased, and soon,

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Go Easy on the Speaker Phone

The speakerphone, one of the smartest and most annoying features of the telephone.  While it’s great that you can be lazy and not hold the handset to your ear, it can be annoying to others around you.  Here’s some advice: Move the call into a