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When An Email Makes An Impact

While emails are still considered a critical part of business, I feel well-written ones are a dying breed due in part to the way we predominantly communicate with each other these days, through text messaging. It’s not unusual to see shorthand and emoticons in emails


A Simple Question Can Keep Your Workload In Check

It’s not unusual for me to start the day with all cylinders firing as soon as I get to my desk. Just when I thought I had my priorities planned out for the day, all of a sudden, I’m getting bombarded with back to back


Don’t Lose Your Job Over Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go has done something that no app has done in recent memory to radically disrupt our lives. Couch potatoes suddenly realized they’ve walked miles away from home trying to catch Pokemon and hatch eggs. People are getting hurt by tripping over and running into

young businessman working with laptop on the beach

Avoid Working While On Vacation

No, I’m not talking about packing, deciding on which excursions to go on, or planning where to eat.  I’m talking about preparing for vacation so that work does not tag along.  For some people, it’s almost impossible to avoid working while on vacation, it’s more


The SaaSy Project: From One Cloud to Another

  The SaaSy Project – Part One:  Choosing a SaaSy Replacement For the next several months you will accompany me on a project I’m managing.  The time has come to replace a cloud-based software suite that’s been in use for the last seven years.  It’s

Businessman Irritated with Loud Coworker

When Background Noise Is A Good Thing

Recently, the cubicle walls on the floor I work on were lowered to foster better communication amongst team members.  All it did was enable people to talk louder across cubicles and that usually happens when I’m on a call.  Go figure. While I do listen

New System Selection Mind Map

Organize Your Thoughts Through Mind Mapping

A friend recently introduced to me the concept of mind mapping, and it is something I wish I knew of earlier. Mind mapping may sound complicated, but in reality, it couldn’t be simpler.  At the core of the mind map is your idea/project/product/thought.  It can


Low Cubicles and Open Floor Work Spaces, How I Loathe Thee

  To foster open communication among employees.  To increase team dynamics.  That’s the business case the higher ups make to convince employees that low profile cubes and open work space floor plans are better than traditional cubicle layouts.  That’s easy to say when the person


Do You Consider Yourself An Engaged Worker?

  Every time someone asks you how your job is, do you usually respond by saying, “meh, it’s a job”  Something tells me you don’t fit Gallup’s description of an engaged worker. Gallup defines an engaged worker as: …those who are involved in, enthusiastic about


The Notebook Is Alive And Well

I just realized the title could be referring to the chick flick that people turn to whenever they need to dose up on a case of romantic heartwarming feels.   Well, in any case, that movie is alive and well too I guess. Talking about