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Make New Year’s Resolutions For Work

The new year is here and that means new resolutions, or if you’re like most people, you’re just recycling resolutions from last year, and the year before that.  Let me guess, your resolutions are somewhere along the lines of exercising more, losing weight, eating better,


MyProgressBar Helps You Do Even Less Work

Is it one of those days or weeks that you just don’t feel like working? Or is that just every day? Well, MyProgressBar is here to help you on your quest to do the least amount of work possible and still get paid. Sounds delicious


Surviving Meetings

Working at the office just isn’t complete without meetings.  It’s a brain trust of individuals, gathered in a room to share ideas, to get things done, to really make a difference!  Actually, that’s not how meetings usually turn out.  Bob is trying his best to


The Benefits Of Showing Up At Meetings Over Dialing In

Most of the time when I receive a  meeting invite, it provides the location along with a dial in number for folks who are offsite.  However, its usually the people who are not offsite who use the dial-in number, even if they sit close to


Transition of Work

A positive sign of career advancement is being continuously challenged by new tasks and responsibilities.  What that usually means is that the work that you’ve been doing will probably have to be transitioned to someone else.  It’s not possible to keep doing the same type


Buckle Up, 2014 Is Coming

Where did the time go?  Another year has almost passed.  We’re up for our annual reviews and the holidays are around the corner.  And oh yes, the company holiday parties are something to look forward to. You’re either ramping down for the year or burning

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That’s Not Appropriate At All!

I once had a conversation with a computer administrator who told me the story of someone in a company he used to work at was caught surfing pornography on the Internet.  After the episode, he was ordered by his manager to install pornographic site access


Your Keyboard is Filthy

I don’t know what’s more disgusting at the office, hearing the person in the adjacent bathroom stall blow smelly chunks out of his ass or touching other people’s dirty keyboards and mice.


Monday Mornings…