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Feeling Drowsy At Meetings? Do This

A few years ago, I was caught falling asleep by my manager during a meeting .  The high carb lunch and hot meeting room was a perfect breeding ground for a food coma.  I didn’t fall asleep, but I was pretty much a bobble-head doll


Don’t Do This When Sending Spreadsheets

One of my pet peeves is when I receive an improperly formatted spreadsheet from coworkers that’s not screen friendly or printer friendly.  I get especially annoyed when someone sends me a spreadsheet to print out to bring to a meeting five minutes before it starts. 


Why I Don’t Decorate My Cubicle

One day I had a meeting with the executive director of my group and as I looked around his office, I told him that I noticed that his office was very plain.  I asked why he didn’t dress it up with pictures and the sort. 

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Visualize the Work That Lies Ahead

It’s Monday morning and you’re wondering where the heck the weekend went.  Face it, two days of rest just isn’t enough.  It was all just a blur and the Friday 5 o’clock whistle seems so out of reach.  The best way to tackle the so

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Headphones at the Workplace

An emerging and somewhat accepted office behavior that’s been spreading through the corporate landscape is the use of personal music devices.  After all, many people listen to music while they study and it helps them concentrate, so why not at work?  Look around the office