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The Hold Button, A Lesson In Conference Call Etiquette

A few weeks ago, the moderator made two requests to conference call participants, to mute the line when not speaking and not place the line on hold if they needed to answer an incoming call. Of course, some fool presses the hold button and hold


Your Job Title Doesn’t Define You

My friend ‘John’ left the corporate world to pursue his life-long dream of traveling around the world for a year. Fresh off his trip, we recently met up for tea to catch up. In his early 40s, John spent his 20s as a consultant, often


The Position Will Not Be Backfilled

Some colleagues recently left the firm and management made the decision not to backfill their positions. It tends to make me think that them leaving was not a loss for the company but rather an opportunity for cost savings with fewer people on the payroll.


The Elevator Rant by Special Guest, Mr. Uvula!

And now a rant from Cube Farming’s Guest Contributor, Mr. Uvula! The other day I strolled into the lobby a few minutes after 8. There were about a half dozen people already waiting. And for some unknown reason, one person pressed the already lit UP