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Reviewing Resumes

Searching for a New Manager

My manager is leaving the company. It was a surprise. He wasn’t actively looking for a new job, but a recruiter contacted him several months ago for an opportunity he couldn’t refuse. He’s leaving behind a pretty big gap to fill. As much as I


What Does It Mean To Go Above And Beyond?

I struggled with the concept of going above and beyond for years. Early in my career, I remember my coworker and I did whatever it took to make our business clients happy. We worked late to meet deadlines and went out of our way to


What If Clickbait Was Used For Work Email Subject Lines?

Work email subject lines are boring and sometimes are ignored because they don’t sound interesting enough. But what if you could at least make them sound more exciting? Since websites use clickbait tactics to entice people to click on a link, I thought, what if


Now Really Isn’t The Best Time…

There isn’t a best time to find out you’re being laid off from the job, but some times may be worse than others. Stan was at a family funeral when he received a call from his employer notifying him that he was being laid off. On the bright side,


Layoffs Are a Normal Business Practice

I don’t remember a time when a company I worked at didn’t go through staff reductions. Unfortunately, employee layoffs are a normal part of conducting business. However, the reasons for the layoffs were different each time: Recession (no impact to my position) Subprime Mortgage Crisis


Your Word Processor’s Grandparent

I spent the weekend out of state and one of the rooms in the house I stayed in had an old-fashioned typewriter sitting on the desk. It’s a Woodstock No. 5, probably manufactured sometime in the 1930s. I grew up using a Brother electronic typewriter


What a Video Game Taught Me About Teamwork

As a fan of the Gears of War series patiently waiting for the release of Gears of War 4, the game’s Horde mode came to mind while I was at the gym. In Horde mode, five players on the same team take on waves of