International Travel Tips

When I started Cube Farming several years ago, I didn’t have much to write about regarding international business travel.  Then in 2012, I spent an insane amount of time traveling internationally.  I finally got to to visit Central America, the South Pacific, and parts of


Your Keyboard is Filthy

I don’t know what’s more disgusting at the office, hearing the person in the adjacent bathroom stall blow smelly chunks out of his ass or touching other people’s dirty keyboards and mice.


Don’t Let Those Pop Up Windows Ruin Your Slide Show Presentation!

So there I was, in a small conference room watching a vendor’s pitch on why my company should choose its product and solution over those of a competitor’s.  The presentation was well organized and the presenter was on a roll…that was…until the  Automatic Update Popup


Take Your Child To Work Day

I think Take Your Child to Work Days are a bit odd.  It gives parents the opportunity to show their children what they do at work.  Often, I just see kids sitting in a chair in the cube reading a book or playing a handheld


Don’t Bring Your Sickness To Work!

Last week, I felt a cold coming on early in the morning before I went to work.  All the signs told me to stay home, but no, I went in anyways.  As the first couple of hours progressed, the sniffling and sneezing increased, and soon,


The Elevator Rant by Special Guest, Mr. Uvula!

And now a rant from Cube Farming’s Guest Contributor, Mr. Uvula! The other day I strolled into the lobby a few minutes after 8. There were about a half dozen people already waiting. And for some unknown reason, one person pressed the already lit UP

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Feeling Drowsy At Meetings? Do This

A few years ago, I was caught falling asleep by my manager during a meeting .  The high carb lunch and hot meeting room was a perfect breeding ground for a food coma.  I didn’t fall asleep, but I was pretty much a bobble-head doll