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Same Job Title, Different Expectations

I recently interviewed a candidate to fill a Senior IT Analyst position on the team. When asked why he was pursuing a new job elsewhere, he mentioned that he wanted to relocate closer to the city to start a family there. Fair enough. When I


From Worker Bee to High Potential Employee

Each employee is different in regards to intellect, motivation, work ethic, and career aspiration. It comes to no surprise that some employees outperform others. There are the worker bees, who come in every day to do the same job to earn a paycheck. Then there


I Inadvertently Replaced My Coworker With Software

A couple of years ago, I managed a project to replace an aging and much-loathed application at work. There were two application administrators, my coworker and myself. I wasn’t too familiar with the system and was learning how to use it on the job. My


From The Perspective Of The Job Interviewer

I’ve been interviewing candidates to fill a middle management position on the team for the past six weeks and it’s been enlightening and educational. At times, I interviewed candidates one on one, and other times with a colleague. I learned a lot about the interviewing


Thoughts On Wearing Many Hats

Growing up and working in a family restaurant taught me a few things. First, child labor laws don’t apply. When my parents knew I was strong enough to carry plastic bins full of dirty dishes, they put me to work. Second, weekends were spent at


Job Hopping May Be Hurting Your Career

I recently interviewed a candidate to fill a management position. The HR department emailed his resume to me several days earlier, so I had a fair amount of time to review it in advance.I immediately noticed the number of  employers listed on the resume. He


Layoffs Are a Normal Business Practice

I don’t remember a time when a company I worked at didn’t go through staff reductions. Unfortunately, employee layoffs are a normal part of conducting business. However, the reasons for the layoffs were different each time: Recession (no impact to my position) Subprime Mortgage Crisis


What Is Job Security?

A coworker and I are in the break room for tea and he asks how I’m doing. As I’m dipping the tea bag up and down in the mug of hot water, I give him the usual canned message, “Pretty busy, got a few things