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When An Email Makes An Impact

While emails are still considered a critical part of business, I feel well-written ones are a dying breed due in part to the way we predominantly communicate with each other these days, through text messaging. It’s not unusual to see shorthand and emoticons in emails


What If Clickbait Was Used For Work Email Subject Lines?

Work email subject lines are boring and sometimes are ignored because they don’t sound interesting enough. But what if you could at least make them sound more exciting? Since websites use clickbait tactics to entice people to click on a link, I thought, what if


Only You Can Prevent Premature Emails

You’re writing an important email and want to make sure it’s absolutely perfect before sending it. You save often because you’re paranoid you’ll lose it in case the computer crashes. Then an unexplainable brain fart moment occurs and for some reason, you’ve accidentally sent out

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Flagging, A Simple Way To Manage The Emails That Matter

#166085867 / gettyimages.com Microsoft Outlook is the email system of choice at most companies I have worked at.  I receive and send a lot of emails every day, often with a lot of followup items when I work with business clients.   At times, there are


Email Rage! Me Smash!

Someone pisses you off in an email and you want to retaliate with a scathing and nasty one of your own.  In that moment it seems to be the right thing to do!  It’s not.  You’re not dumb enough to leave a paper trail are