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A Reflection on the Last Three Candidates I Interviewed

The last few people I interviewed left impressions on me, and none of them were positive. The team has been struggling to fill a senior analyst role, and the candidates so far have been less than stellar. Is it that difficult to find a solid


Asking To Connect Via LinkedIn During The Interview

Last week, I interviewed a candidate for a VP position. The conversations about the position went well. That was until he caught me off guard by asking to connect through LinkedIn. It was the wrong place and time to ask. Not wanting to seem like a jerk,


Not Looking For A New Job? Interview Anyway

  I regularly receive calls and emails for job opportunities.  Usually it’s some recruiter who’s fishing for anyone who bites.  Most of the time I ignore them.  At the current level of work and industry experience, I have been contacted to apply for senior manager/director titled