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A Reflection on the Last Three Candidates I Interviewed

The last few people I interviewed left impressions on me, and none of them were positive. The team has been struggling to fill a senior analyst role, and the candidates so far have been less than stellar. Is it that difficult to find a solid


From The Perspective Of The Job Interviewer

I’ve been interviewing candidates to fill a middle management position on the team for the past six weeks and it’s been enlightening and educational. At times, I interviewed candidates one on one, and other times with a colleague. I learned a lot about the interviewing


The Post Interview Thank You Letter

  Recently, I overheard an intern asking an HR associate if sending a handwritten thank you letter after an interview was a good idea. The associate said emails are preferred because they are quick, but they don’t carry any weight in the decision-making process. Think


I Just Interviewed Someone For The First Time And It Was Eye Opening

I took the resume out of my notebook and glanced it over.  I had been reviewing it since the morning, looking over the fine details with a pen in hand.  The marked up resume belonged to the gentleman sitting across from me.  I couldn’t tell


Job Hunting, Nobody Has To Know

What are some of the reasons that cause us to look for a job elsewhere? There’s no more room for growth. You keep having, “I don’t get paid enough to do this shit” moments. The person that sits near you smells like cheese. Management sucks.