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Be Selfish About Your Career

The weekday grind for us office-types is rather straight-forward. We wake up, get ready, go to work, go home, and go to sleep. Sometimes (or all the time), we wake up thinking, “I don’t want to go to work today,” or “I hate my job,”


I Inadvertently Replaced My Coworker With Software

A couple of years ago, I managed a project to replace an aging and much-loathed application at work. There were two application administrators, my coworker and myself. I wasn’t too familiar with the system and was learning how to use it on the job. My


From The Perspective Of The Job Interviewer

I’ve been interviewing candidates to fill a middle management position on the team for the past six weeks and it’s been enlightening and educational. At times, I interviewed candidates one on one, and other times with a colleague. I learned a lot about the interviewing


Job Hopping May Be Hurting Your Career

I recently interviewed a candidate to fill a management position. The HR department emailed his resume to me several days earlier, so I had a fair amount of time to review it in advance.I immediately noticed the number of  employers listed on the resume. He


Layoffs Are a Normal Business Practice

I don’t remember a time when a company I worked at didn’t go through staff reductions. Unfortunately, employee layoffs are a normal part of conducting business. However, the reasons for the layoffs were different each time: Recession (no impact to my position) Subprime Mortgage Crisis


Here’s a Story of Bob, A True Bridge Burner.

  Bob’s reputation at Company X was generally not positive.  One day, Bob transferred into another department of the same company.  However, as time passed, it showed that Bob was not fitting into the new department and tension rose between team members Tom and Sally.


Is The Company A Good Fit For You?

  During an interview, the hiring manager is trying to decide if you will be a good fit for the department and the company.  Your job is to find out it is a good fit for your work style and career, but it all depends on


A Special Job Opening

I get a lot of calls from recruiters and I send them to voice mail, which then, if you have Google voice, the voice mail is transcribed into text.  Sometimes, the transcript can be rather funny because the system has trouble translating voice to text.


Changing Employers? Things To Know Before You Go.

It’s that time in my life again where I am about to start a new job at another employer.  I have less than two weeks left at my current job and it’s not going to be easy saying goodbye to all the great people I’ve