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The Best Seat At The Meeting Table

Picture this, you arrive at the meeting early and face a long rectangular conference table that seats 12. There are many seating positions to consider. As the meeting chairperson,  do you ever consider which seat is best for you? Do you sit in the traditional


All Workplaces Need Ribbons Like These

A very great post by Rossgraphitas on Reddit.


Surviving Meetings

Working at the office just isn’t complete without meetings.  It’s a brain trust of individuals, gathered in a room to share ideas, to get things done, to really make a difference!  Actually, that’s not how meetings usually turn out.  Bob is trying his best to


The Benefits Of Showing Up At Meetings Over Dialing In

Most of the time when I receive a  meeting invite, it provides the location along with a dial in number for folks who are offsite.  However, its usually the people who are not offsite who use the dial-in number, even if they sit close to