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Whoops…You Weren’t Supposed To See That

I recently attended a seminar that had about 65 guests in attendance. I arrived early to pick a seat in the middle of the room. The presenter was still setting up his laptop to display the screen on two flat panel monitors that faced each


The Intern Presentations

Last week, I had the pleasure of sitting in for a portion of the interns’ final presentations.  Interns from each of the company’s divisions presented on their summer assignments.  The auditorium was packed by the time I arrived, so I opted for the last aisle of seats


A Presentation Primer – Part Two

I’ve been working on my presentation since I posted Presentation Primer – Part One.  I’ve developed what I feel is a pretty good draft of content, now I am going over each slide meticulously looking for opportunities to reduce wordy slides, moving slides around to


A Presentation Primer – Part One

I’m presenting at a conference at the end of the month.  I know I’ll be using a slideshow as an aid.  The hardest part of course, is getting started.  I’m very particular on using slide shows during presentations and I want to make sure that


Don’t Let Those Pop Up Windows Ruin Your Slide Show Presentation!

So there I was, in a small conference room watching a vendor’s pitch on why my company should choose its product and solution over those of a competitor’s.  The presentation was well organized and the presenter was on a roll…that was…until the  Automatic Update Popup