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A Presentation Primer – Part Two

I’ve been working on my presentation since I posted Presentation Primer – Part One.  I’ve developed what I feel is a pretty good draft of content, now I am going over each slide meticulously looking for opportunities to reduce wordy slides, moving slides around to


A Presentation Primer – Part One

I’m presenting at a conference at the end of the month.  I know I’ll be using a slideshow as an aid.  The hardest part of course, is getting started.  I’m very particular on using slide shows during presentations and I want to make sure that


Don’t Let Those Pop Up Windows Ruin Your Slide Show Presentation!

So there I was, in a small conference room watching a vendor’s pitch on why my company should choose its product and solution over those of a competitor’s.  The presentation was well organized and the presenter was on a roll…that was…until the  Automatic Update Popup